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terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions will be hosted on our website; therefore, it is the responsibility of the client to read them promptly, and if there is disagreement with any of our items, to communicate it in writing and in a timely manner.

Unfamiliarity with these policies does not exempt the client from fulfilling the responsibilities contained herein.

Studio M&A is authorized to disseminate, as a portfolio, the information and outcome of the project developed, following its completion and launch into the market by the client. In the event of disagreement, this must be communicated through our WhatsApp line.

If the client does not wish to proceed with any contracted project, no refunds will be made.

If you have a credit balance with us, you will have a maximum period of two months to redeem this credit balance for another of our services or products.

All quotations from Studio M&A are tied to an expiration date. After this expiration date, the price will not be upheld, as it may vary after this period of time.

Social networks.


Stories: Content for social networks, in vertical format, generally used with design, it has a duration of 24 hours.

Publication: Content for social networks, in horizontal format, generally used with an image that occupies the entire space, accompanied by a written description, hashtags, tags, telephone numbers, location, etc.

Social networks

1. All our Social Media packages are developed in monthly cycles, which have a validity of 6 (six) months from the date the contract is signed and will automatically renew upon reaching the stipulated time unless otherwise formally indicated one month before the completion of each 6-month agreement. If not, the agreement will renew with parameters determined by each client and agreement. These parameters will not be modified without prior notice, agreement, and review between the client and the agency. In case of non-compliance by both parties, there will be a penalty.

1.1. In the event of an extraordinary situation that prevents the development of the package, it must be promptly reported to consider the situation and provide a quick solution to the contingency, problem, or situation.

1.2. Upon expiration of the Social Media package, the terms of the stories and publications also expire; these cannot be accumulated or transferred to subsequent packages.

2. When contracting with us for a specific number of stories or publications, these cannot be transferred or transformed into another item. For example, if the client contracts for 10 stories and 5 publications and wishes to switch 5 stories to publications, resulting in 5 stories and 10 publications, this action cannot be performed as stories and publications have different values and characteristics.

3. Packages that only include Social Media management without our content production service (professional photography) require the client to provide content for posting on social media in a timely manner; otherwise, compliance with the negotiated package cannot be guaranteed.

4. In the event that client or company information is required to develop content for social media, it must be provided promptly and efficiently to ensure it does not affect the continuity of posts/stories within the established timeframe.

5. At least 50% of the total package cost must be paid in the first few days of each monthly cycle, and the remaining 50% must be paid 15 days after the first payment.

5.1. To avoid interruptions and delays in the Social Media management package, it is recommended to pay the package in full and promptly at the beginning of each monthly cycle.

5.2. For the client's security, a service provision contract with a validity of 6 months will be signed. This contract contains current data and all legal support to ensure that the service will be carried out 100% by M&A.

6. By contracting a monthly Social Media package or all-in-one packages, the terms and conditions are automatically accepted as a contractual commitment to the contracted service, including the characteristics mentioned above such as the 6-month validity term per cycle and its renewal, timely payment, and stipulation of package limitations and/or characteristics.

Professional photography.

1.During the photo session, the client must be present for supervision and approval of the work; otherwise, the session cannot proceed.

1.1. In the event that the client appoints a representative for approval and supervision of the work, if the representative approves the photographs but the final client does not, no claims, refunds, or replacement of photographs will be accepted.

2. Whenever a photo session is scheduled, confirmation will be made via phone call or WhatsApp either two hours before on the same day or the day before the session. If not confirmed by the client, it will be considered canceled.

3. In case of any situation or eventuality preventing the photo session from taking place, it must be informed promptly to reschedule the appointment; otherwise, the client will be charged $15,000 (FIFTEEN THOUSAND LOCAL CURRENCY) if there has been travel to the session location.

4. When scheduling a photo session with us, you will receive a series of instructions to consider, such as having materials (ingredients, dishes, glasses, utensils), arranging the location (space for the session and its setup). This is to ensure the best possible outcome; if these conditions are not met, we cannot guarantee efficient and effective work.

5. When the one-year free backup service ends, the renewal for the next year costs $50,000 (FIFTY THOUSAND LOCAL CURRENCY) and must be informed one month in advance. Otherwise, Studio M&A will not be responsible for these photographs. If you wish to have previously selected photographs sent to you after this period (one year), they will cost $5,000 each.

6. At least 50% of the total value must be paid to carry out the photo session, and the remaining 50% must be paid for the editing and delivery of the session content.

6.1. If the second 50% is not paid, neither the photos nor the session-related materials will be edited or delivered, which could affect the initially proposed delivery times.

6.2. Clients are advised to make timely or immediate payments to ensure efficient and effective adherence to our delivery times, which are 2 to 3 business days after you have selected the photographs, to guarantee timely delivery of photographic content.

Digital design.

  1. All our packages have a validity of 1 (one) month. The duration for each agreement is 6 months and will automatically renew upon reaching the stipulated time unless otherwise indicated. One month before the expiration of each 6-month agreement, if not otherwise specified, the agreement will renew under parameters determined by each client and agreement. These parameters will not be altered without prior notice, agreement, and review between the client and the agency. By making the first payment, you are accepting our terms and conditions.

    1.1. The delivery time for a digital brand identity is 15 business days. The first 7 days are allocated for the initial review and first modification, and the remaining 8 days are for completing the work and making the final delivery of the identity. Likewise, it will be delivered in an editable format, only the chosen main logo. After the design is approved, any changes will incur an additional fee of $10,000 (TEN THOUSAND LOCAL CURRENCY).

    1.2. The delivery time for social media design is 1 to 2 business days after the client submits the completed form with satisfaction.

  2. All our digital designs include 1 review and 3 modifications. If this number of revisions or modifications is exceeded, the package or design cost will change and will be $5,000 (FIVE THOUSAND LOCAL CURRENCY) per change.

  3. Whenever you contract a design package with us, you must fill out a form autonomously. This form must specify items, images, theme, message, text, important ideas, prices, etc., for the design work to be carried out successfully. The form must be filled clearly, with well-written ideas that do not allow for misinterpretations. Prices, messages, or texts must be correct since they will go directly into the design. If there are errors in the form, they will be deducted as modifications. Likewise, the design will be sent to you for review and approval.

    3.1. The design work will not begin until the client sends back this form satisfactorily filled.

    3.2. If the client has different opinions during the review regarding what was provided in the form, the client must refill and resend the form, and the initial fee must be paid again since the design needs to be reviewed and changes made again.

  4. When the client requires the editable file of 1 design, they will have a value of $20,000 each.

  5. At least 50% of the total value must always be paid to carry out the design work, and for delivery, the remaining 50% must be paid. In the case of designs for print or brand identity, 50% must be paid after the design is approved; otherwise, neither designs nor related supplies will be delivered.

  6. When contracting a monthly social media package or all-in-one packages where there is no written and signed contract due to external agency circumstances, these terms and conditions will serve as a contractual commitment to the contracted service and will have the characteristics mentioned in the previous points, such as the 6-month validity term per cycle and its renewal, timely payment, and stipulation of package limitations and/or characteristics.

Printing and lithographic products.

  1. All printed and lithographic products must be paid in full to place the order and schedule printing; otherwise, these processes cannot be carried out.

  2. Most printed and lithographic products include digital design in the price unless otherwise specified. If PSD or Illustrator format design is desired, an additional fee of $20,000 must be paid.

  3. Whenever a printed job is done with M&A, the design will be sent to the client for approval. After approval, it will be queued for printing as per the scheduled agenda. The client's review process must be timely and clear; otherwise, the scheduled delivery time will vary depending on the client's review and approval time for the design.

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